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Evolution of Social Video Infographic: The Screen and Beyond

The key to leveraging any new tool or technology is understanding where it is now, where it’s been before, and where it’s going. To fully prepare your brand for its next step with social video, take a look back at the evolution that got us to where we are today. Learn what a “video view” means on each platform, then take a look forward to see where social video is headed next. Spoiler alert: It’s poised to go beyond our screens, outside of our devices, and into the physical world.

We’ve been there from the beginning as social video evolved from Snapchat Stories in 2012 to Twitter and Facebook Live, to this year’s Pinterest Lens beta and ads in Instagram Stories. We’ve seen social video overtake other mediums, with 60% of viewers preferring online video platforms to live TV. And now we’re looking forward: to augmented reality, new screens, and the year 2020 – when 75% of all mobile traffic will be video.

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Evolution of Social Video Infographic

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