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Champions League: How to Win Gold with Paid Social

Football (or soccer) is a wildly popular sport in the United Kingdom. 2016’s Champions and Europa League finals were watched by more than 12 million people across digital channels and TV. It was also reported that fans spent a combined 1.7 million hours reading about the games, meaning that many people dedicated more time to research than to actually following the action.

Overall, the Champions League is a hit with social media users and the event currently has a total of 75 million followers on official accounts across platforms. This figure is led by Facebook, where the number of users hit a staggering 57 million around the time of last year’s final, a 20% increase on the previous year. In fact, last year’s UEFA Champions League final was referred to by TV Network BT Sports as the “most social broadcast ever.” For the first time, the game was covered in a Snapchat Live Story, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the event. Facebook ran a live series of interactive interviews, and Twitter shared a range of real-time action clips and exclusive footage with fans.

74 million Champions League interactions on Facebook in 2016

4 million tweets about 2016’s Champions League final

17,000 selfies submitted in a PepsiCo Snapchat Lens promotion during 2016’s game

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