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Awareness to Conversion: The Best Ad Types for Every Stage of the Funnel

Advertisers are most successful when they take a full-funnel approach to marketing, rather than just focusing on one stage of a customer’s journey to purchase. The three main stages of the funnel — awareness, consideration, and conversion — are all distinct, playing an important role in driving customers through to purchase.


If your goal is to generate brand awareness, prioritize content that is immediately consumable in-platform. There’s no need to link out, as the focus of the content is within the ad. A link can be included, however, as a secondary focus within the copy.


Messaging for consideration campaigns should be informative and product-focused. All image and video-based units should link to site to allow for further research, and you should utilize calls to action (CTAs) to encourage traffic. Showcase your product’s unique selling point to encourage consideration against competitors. Depending on brand goals, your objective will typically be traffic or webpage views.


Test price-point or promotion messaging, include the key benefits of the product, and use strong CTAs to convert. Conversion ads are the most impactful when there is custom messaging for new vs. returning customers.

At each stage of the funnel, there are different ad formats and content types that are most successful, together forming a full-funnel, successful social advertising strategy.

Click below to download our complete guide, featuring an overview of how to target and measure at each stage of the funnel, along with suggested ad formats for reaching your customers before they know you, when they’re thinking about you, and finally, when they’re ready to buy.