/ Fourth of July

7 Tips to Stand Out in a Social Feed Full of Fireworks This Fourth of July

America’s birthday is celebrated in style by many Americans every Fourth of July, with 42 million people traveling at least 50 miles and 42% of adults celebrating with fireworks. Total food and retail sales reached $6.6 billion in 2015, and summer favorites like hot dogs and watermelons hit peak sales in early July. The average American spends over $70 on food, and 64% of adults report planning to spend the holiday at a barbecue or cookout. 

Social engagement also peaks around the holiday, with partygoers looking for inspiration on Pinterest before the day, and posting photos and updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram during the festivities. It’s time to bust out the stars and stripes to engage with your audience on social media. Here are key strategies for reaching the right users at the right time:

  1. Place your brand at the center of discovery when audiences start planning for Fourth of July festivities. Create Pin boards about party ideas, recipe tips, or patriotic products to help consumers celebrate on the big day. Utilize Pinterest’s interest and keyword targeting in to expand your reach into broader categories for the holiday.
  2. Ensure your content (videos, photos, and copy) all speak towards July 4th. Get creative! Utilize hashtags whenever possible, red, white, and blue coloring, etc.
  3. Bid high – holidays are highly competitive in the market place. Be prepared to spend a little more than normal to stand out amongst your competitors.
  4. To help stay top-of-mind for users, rotate in lots of content with similar messaging across multiple platforms. This will help prevent over-saturating the audience while achieving lower costs.
  5. Curate your content to specific targets. The audience for the Fourth of July will be large — create target buckets that are specific to your content (i.e., if you are trying to reach travelers, or have content that speaks specifically to traveling.)
  6. If your content speaks specifically to July 4th, aside from simple keyword targeting, Twitter offers buckets for event targeting that allow you to reach people who are already discussing the holiday.
  7. If your campaign is geared towards branding and awareness, utilize video assets on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and retarget audiences with more tactical sales messaging.