ICYMI: Pinterest’s Top August Trends, Gender-Positive Ads on Facebook & More

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This week’s top marketing news features the seasonal trends you need to know – from Pinterest’s look at glitter freckles and food tattoos to back-to-school shopping patterns. We also offer tips for activating foodies on social and explore Facebook’s latest research study, which shows the value of empowering messaging on social platforms.

August Trend Forecast: Apple Fries, Glitter Freckles | Pinterest

Pinterest’s August trend forecast leverages the platform’s data to predict what will be trending in late summer and early fall. From foodies looking for classic recipes with a twist to festival-goers interested in glitter freckles (+85% YoY), these 7 top trends will inspire you to test out new creative and bring a playful vibe to the end-of-summer season.

How to Reach Last‑Minute Back‑to‑School Shoppers | Internet Retailer

The back-to-school shopping season constitutes a $75 billion industry in the US, but only half of American families have completed their shopping by August. This gives brands an opportunity to reach last-minute shoppers with a big push at the end of the summer. Use these 6 Adaptly tips to craft your back-to-school social advertising strategy.

How Gender-Positive Ads Pay Off | Facebook IQ

Facebook’s latest study finds that gender-positive messaging elicits goodwill and loyalty from consumers, with 79% of women and 75% of men reporting they felt more positively about brands that promoted gender equality on Facebook. Messages of empowerment made women almost twice as likely to act, compared to messages rooted in sex appeal. What’s the best thing your brand can do, according to 75% of women surveyed? “Stop portraying women as sex symbols.”

Inspire Foodies to Action With Paid Social Creative | Adweek

Restaurants use social media advertising to maintain an always-on presence, reaching broad and niche audiences alike. One of the keys to a successful restaurant social strategy is the creative; dining engages multiple senses, and the marketing needs to convey that as well. These tips from Adaptly client strategy director Milana Saric will help your brand tell stories and ultimately drive foot traffic with compelling visuals through social media advertising.