Hyatt Increases Awareness of New Brand Message With Facebook Video Ads

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Hyatt wanted to increase awareness of its “World of Hyatt” branding and people’s association of Hyatt with “World of Understanding” messaging, as well as boost direct bookings on

Their Solution

Hyatt worked with its creative and social agency MullenLowe, creative agency Creative League Studios and Facebook Marketing Partner Adaptly to plan and execute a 2-phase holiday ad campaign.

The team designed the first phase to improve brand awareness and message association by increasing views of Hyatt’s World of Understanding videos. The ads were targeted to people of both genders, above a certain age range and above average annual income. This target audience had shown an interest in similar hotel chains and interest in travel sites, or had a history of travel. In addition to core targeting in phase one, Hyatt created and targeted an engagement Custom Audience of people who had watched previous World of Understanding videos and a lookalike audience based on this Custom Audience.

For the second phase, which was designed to increase bookings on, the team targeted a broader audience and created and targeted a Custom Audience of people who had watched 3 or more seconds of the World of Understanding videos. It also created and targeted ads to lookalike audience of people similar to the audience that had viewed the videos.

The team tailored its creative to fit mobile placements across Facebook and Instagram and found that short videos with captions designed to be viewed with the sound off were the most effective for increasing video completions and brand awareness.

Hyatt commissioned a Facebook brand lift study, which polled audiences who saw the videos to measure their ad recall for the World of Hyatt videos and measure message association with the phrase “A World of Understanding.”

“I was excited to be able to bring strong creative to Facebook and Instagram and use a brand lift study to get real insight into who our audience is and what creative resonates with them, and to learn better ways to engage with our audience and drive business. Facebook and Instagram will continue to be a central piece of our social media strategy at Hyatt. This campaign has proven that these platforms are an effective way to drive awareness, consideration and revenue for our marketing campaigns in a highly efficient and targeted way.”

–Brian Kraemer, global director of social media, Hyatt

Their Success

The Facebook brand lift study found Hyatt’s holiday campaign, which ran December 4–31, 2018, resonated with its audiences, moving all key metrics. The campaign achieved:

  • 9-point lift in awareness of “The World of Hyatt” messaging
  • 10-point increase in ad recall for “The World of Hyatt” videos
  • 5-point lift in message association of “fostering a World of Understanding” with Hyatt Hotels
  • 3.5X return on ad spend on bookings

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