3 Digital Media Testing Tips That Will Make Your Marketing Smarter

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

It can be extremely difficult to know exactly what your audience wants. Nor do you know how they are going to respond to the messages you promote. In fact, prediction about how someone will engage with what you’re sharing is near impossible.


The point here isn’t about which ad was more successful – but I’ll tell you right now that no matter what you guessed, you can’t trust yourself to guess right consistently. That is why we believe in a more scientific approach to creating new content that stands the best chance of resonating with customers.

Unlike traditional media channels, digital media provides marketers with an affordable and effective way to test messaging with specific target audiences. By running simple tests you can garner insight on the effectiveness of messages before you invest heavily in one message or another.

Here’s how you can use these platforms to test ad creative before you roll out major, expensive ad campaigns.

  • Carve out a small portion of your budget that you’re willing to allocate to testing. This tiny amount will make your total budget work harder and be more efficient. Each campaign is different, and the percent to allocate to testing varies, but we’ve found that anywhere between 5-10% will be enough to give you the measurable results needed to make decisions that apply to the entire campaign effort.
  • Determine the key distinguishing types of creative or copy within your content strategy you want to test. For example, it might be worthwhile to test a product shot against a lifestyle creative. Even the smallest details (i.e. color, ctas, etc) can help you gain the most action-informing knowledge available.
  • Define an audience on which to test the creative. In most cases, it makes sense to leverage unpublished posts to your fanbase. From here, once you’ve determine how many creatives you’ll want to test, divide this audience into smaller groups to ensure each user only sees one variation of the ad. This helps you not only get clean read of what performed best, but it isolates variables to creative combinations, making it simple to analyze the test’s findings.

Testing your creative early will give you a quick look at performance, ensuring that you leverage the right creative, or types of creative, to drive performance at scale. And what’s even more exciting about this approach is that just one day of test spend pre-campaign can lead to insights that will outperform a spray and pray strategy any day. So when it comes to your next campaign, remember that a small percentage of “test spend” can inform decisions where ad performance can mean big bucks down the line.

To learn more about our testing approach, or if you have other testing topics you’d like us to cover on the blog, feel free to email us at [email protected].