How to Gain an Edge Advertising on Twitter

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Most advertisers today run ads on Twitter in order to create conversations and promote brand image. With so many brands competing on the platform, it can seem daunting for an advertiser to have a noticeable edge over their competitors. With the help of Twitter’s new and legacy product features, brands can engage users while also fostering a cutting-edge persona. Read on for four examples of how Twitter ad products can maximize their reach and improve campaign effectivity.

Conversation Targeting (Beta Feature)

Say a brand wants to target users who enjoy engaging with content about hamburgers. They could create an extensive list of keywords and followers related to hamburgers in an attempt to hit all possible “hamburger” channels, all while feeling like they could be missing a large portion of users. It’s an exhaustive effort to hit all potential users, much of which is at the strategists’ best guess. Twitter’s new Conversation Targeting feature can sum up all of these keywords into a single Conversation Topic. By selecting the “Hamburger” Conversation Topic, Twitter’s new algorithm will target all people engaging with Tweets and conversations related to “Hamburgers”. This more sophisticated algorithm can pick up on semantics, timeliness, and missed conversation keywords. The best part is that this new feature covers over ten thousand topics across twenty-five categories. Since Conversation Targeting is still in Beta, please contact Adaptly for further information.

Twitter Carousels

If a brand has a longer story to tell, a Twitter Carousel ad unit is a great option. By linking together multiple tweets in a single carousel, a user can swipe through the content to follow along. Twitter allows a creator to add in several Tweets, even if the Tweets are published from various handles. Brands that garner celebrity shout-out’s or positive viral customer Tweets could utilize Carousels by putting these Tweets on display next to their ad. Carousels encourage users to tap through and engage with the creative.

Twitter Polls

One of the easiest ways for users to engage with a brand is when they can take action on an ad. Twitter’s new polling feature gives brands the chance to actively communicate with their fans and gain consumer insight in a playful way. Polls allow clients to put a persona behind their brand and participate in the Twitter community. The polling can remain open for 5 minutes to 7 days and users can see results instantly. Adaptly advertisers can now also attach a photo or video to a poll to drive even more engagement. Whether users vote on a new food product, their favorite TV show character, or their pick for an upcoming sports game, Twitter Polls have proven to be a quick way for users to start a conversation.

Tailored Audiences

An older, yet very effective targeting feature available on Twitter is Tailored Audiences. By utilizing Tailored Audiences, brands can target users most likely to engage with their content in order to maximize campaign efficiency and ROI. Tailored audiences can be created in Audience Manager through the use of lists, targeting website visitors, or mobile app users. Brands can upload their own lists of customer information (such as customer e-mail addresses or Twitter IDs) and target users with their own data. Furthermore, by using Twitter’s website tag, brands can collect data regarding visitors who visit their website. Finally, brands can also target users using conversion tracking for their mobile app. All three of these methods would target very specific users who are more likely to be interested in a brand’s content and further improve a campaign’s effectiveness.

Twitter helps advertisers across all verticals reach and engage with their target audiences through ad formats that are easy to deploy and fun for users to interact with.

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