Highlights from the Adaptly Breakfast Series

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Over the past few weeks, we rolled out Adaptly’s first international panel series. The breakfast events, which started with brief presentations followed by Q&A, were focused on paid social’s role in the consumer journey. Lively discussions ensued.

At our Chicago event, Travis Freeman, DVP, Head of Social Media & Content Integration at Sears, said: “Social can’t live in a silo and should be complementary to overall marketing…[and] everything is mobile.” Since balancing relevant content and scale can be a challenge, he advised brands to:

  1. Look at the content they already have
  2. Cast a wider net and optimize for what works best

Another panelist, Sam Harts, newly Group Director at OMD, recommended marketers run tests and avoid having a siloed mindset when it comes to awareness versus direct response. Instead, think “full-funnel campaigns.”

She also noted that marketers should aim to be relevant to consumers in a meaningful way and steer clear of seeing people as just numbers. Have a target consumer and be on the platforms that make the most sense and allow for meaningful relationships.

The importance of relevancy was a recurring theme throughout our events. In London, Ed Couchman, Head of Agency Relations at Instagram’s UK office, said complaints from consumers often come from not getting enough relevant ads over getting too many ads.

Patrick Workman, Brand Development Lead at Instagram, brought up visuals, another hot topic during our breakfast series. He shared that we only need to see an image for 13 milliseconds in order to identify it.

It’s no surprise, then, that Instagram has experienced massive growth—faster than parent company Facebook—since it broke out onto the scene several years ago.

We had speakers from Pinterest, one more visual-focused platform, at our breakfasts as well. Brian Johnson, Manager of Partnerships, Midwest Region, said that people turn to Pinterest since it drives value for them.

Johnson’s West Coast colleague, Edwin Wong, mentioned at our LA event that 39% of Pinners eschew search engines to use Pinterest to find products spanning categories like clothing and accessories to bedding. In addition to discovery, Pinners use the platform to plan for the future.

And now with Buyable Pins, Pinners’ most requested feature, consumers can take action.

These were just some of the insights and best practices shared at our first breakfast. Check out additional highlights from the #adaptlyjourney on Twitter.

Special thanks to all of the Adaptly clients and partners who participated:


  • Ed Couchman, Head of Agency Relations, Instagram, UK
  • Jason Runyan, Head of Social Media & Digital Publicity, Amazon Instant Video
  • Richard Dance, Head of Digital, Blue 449


  • Brian Magida, Director of Digital Marketing, Warby Parker
  • Patrick Workman, Brand Development Lead, Instagram
  • Kym Lewis, Partner Manager, Pinterest
  • Tracy Cho, Senior Marketing Strategist, XO Group Inc


  • Edwin Wong, Head of Partner Insights, Pinterest
  • Esther Hwang, Acquisition Marketing Manager, Dollar Shave Club


  • Sam Harts, Group Director, OMD USA
  • Travis Freeman, DVP, Head of Social Media + Content Integration
  • Brian Johnson, Manager of Partnerships, Midwest Region, Pinterest

And thank you to all who attended. We’re looking forward to holding more events in 2016!