ICYMI: A Guide to the Offline Conversions API, Facebook’s Q3 Growth, & More

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This week: Adaptly’s guide to the Facebook Offline Conversions API, Pinterest’s top November trends, Facebook’s Q3 milestones, and new features for dynamic ads for travel.

A Guide to Facebook Offline Conversions API | Adaptly

Tying in-store sales to online advertising campaigns is a challenge for many marketers. Because there are often several touchpoints between a consumer and a brand before a purchase, it can be difficult to pinpoint whether a particular ad had an impact on the decision to buy. Facebook’s Offline Conversions API solves for this by tracing in-store sales and foot traffic back to social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Read our full guide to find out how partners like Adaptly can help you better understand the impact of your social ads.

Think Warm Thoughts: 23 Trends for November | Pinterest for Business

The start of November has Pinners looking ahead to the winter months and saving cozy ideas on the platform. Because people use Pinterest to plan ahead, it’s a great place to discover up-and-coming trends. This month, users are looking for style inspiration, comfort food recipes, and holiday gift ideas. Find out how you can reach holiday shoppers on Pinterest with Adaptly’s holiday whitepaper.

Stats and Milestones From Facebook’s Q3 2017 Financial Results | Adweek

Facebook released its third quarter earnings this week and reported growth across the board. Monthly active users are up 3% to 2.07 billion, with daily users not too far behind at 1.368 billion. Facebook-owned Instagram reached 500 million daily users and shows impressive adoption of its Stories feature with 300 million people using it daily. Perhaps most exciting for advertisers, 70% of video ads under 15 seconds were viewed to completion on Facebook, most with the sound on.

Three New Ways to Turn Travel Intent Into Bookings | Facebook Business

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for travel help hotel and airline companies reach users who are interested in booking a trip. By targeting them with personalized hotel and flight ad carousels, travel brands are able to serve relevant content to consumers who are actively seeking travel information. Facebook has introduced three new ways to help hotel and airline brands generate more bookings by expanding the use, reach, and power of Dynamic Ads for travel.