ICYMI: A Guide to Full-Funnel Advertising, Social Video Optimization, & More

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

This week: An Adaptly strategy guide outlining the best ad types for every stage of the funnel, a 2018 prediction about social video, a 2018 trend report from Pinterest, and a new way to interact with hashtags on Instagram.

Awareness to Conversion: Best Ad Types for Every Stage of the Funnel | Adaptly

A full-funnel approach to marketing is key to capturing and converting customers. Planning for the three main stages of the funnel – awareness, consideration, and conversion – is the best way for advertisers to reach users with the right message at the right time. Certain ad formats on social platforms are most effective at specific stages of the funnel, so Adaptly has created a strategy guide that maps out which ad type to use when. Download the full guide for insight into how to target and measure at each stage of the funnel, along with use cases for a multitude of ad formats.

Video Optimization to Be ‘Mastered’ on Social Platforms | PerformanceIN

In 2017, video became the new norm on social. In 2018, Adaptly VP Rob Kabrovski predicts that there will be a rise in demand from brands looking for advice on how to master social video and optimize their large-scale campaigns. Given that consumers scroll through over 300 feet of content every day, it is important for brands to really understand the nature of video on social and break through to consumers in mere seconds. Check out the post for more on why it will be more important than ever for advertisers to nail video on social in 2018.

100 Trend Predictions for 2018 | Pinterest for Business

Because people use Pinterest to shop and plan, new trends often emerge on the platform first. Every December, Pinterest publishes a list of 100 emerging trends to provide a sneak peek at what the following year will bring. This year’s list features hot topics in food, fashion, home decor, and more, along with expanded interest targeting options to help brands reach more people as they search for information about growing trends. Knowing what’s on consumers’ minds as they look ahead to 2018 will help advertisers tailor their messaging accordingly.

Now You Can Follow Hashtags on Instagram | Instagram Blog

The hashtag has become more actionable on Instagram: Users can now follow hashtags in the same way they follow accounts. Every day, millions of Instagram users add relevant hashtags to their photos and videos to make them easier to find. Being able to follow hashtags will enable users to discover more posts related to the topics that interest them.