ICYMI: The Future of VR, Updates to Instagram Stories, & More

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This week: How VR is creating new advertising opportunities for brands, Instagram’s new Highlights and Archive features, and the scoop on Pinterest’s new Facebook Messenger bot.

How VR and Social Media is Impacting Advertising | Adaptly

We saw slow adoption of virtual reality in 2017, but Adaptly VP of Accounts Rob Kabrovski predicts that social video will be the medium to drive VR adoption next year. In the same way that video replaced photos on social this year, Rob sees VR soon replacing standard video. As soon as consumers become accustomed to more immersive and engaging formats, the old standard becomes forsaken. As virtual reality continues to evolve, advertisers will be able to leverage the format to reach audiences in a digital space, opening up a new realm of advertising possibilities.

Introducing the Pinterest Chat Extension and Bot for Messenger | Pinterest Engineering

Pinterest has launched a new chat extension and bot through Facebook Messenger. Almost one million Pins are shared to Facebook Messenger each week, and this new extension will make that sharing process even easier. The Pinterest Messenger bot will bring the power of Pinterest Search to Messenger and Pinners find ideas and inspiration without having to leave the messaging app. The bot is an early exploration into AI for Pinterest and will allow users to interact with the platform and content in a conversational way.

Introducing Stories Highlights and Stories Archive | Instagram for Business

Instagram has added two new features to its Stories format: Highlights and Archive. From now on, all Instagram Stories will be saved to a user’s Stories Archive to make it easy to revisit past Stories after their 24 hours are up. From there, users and businesses can aggregate those Stories into Highlights that will live at the top of the profile. Highlighting Stories will help businesses do more with both paid and organic Stories content by giving it a place to live forever.