How Fashion Brands Can Achieve Success on Instagram

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Instagram is growing at a phenomenal rate and within its huge audience is a sizeable group of fashionistas who love the platform and have turned it into a shoppable catwalk.

One third of its 500 million users have bought an item of clothing after seeing it on the platform, according to Instagram’s recent statistics.

This clearly provides significant possibilities for fashion brands, especially when Instagram’s data suggests that fashion fans have 230 per cent more followers than the average user, check their newsfeeds 15 times in 24 hours, and post more than 82 million “outfits of the day” on the network.

Facing such a big opportunity, fashion brands should focus on improving their success rates on Instagram by considering how to best target the fashion audience, using the most appropriate ad formats, optimising advertising placement, and driving conversion.

Targeting the “fashionista” audience on Instagram

• Leverage Facebook’s extensive targeting capabilities to reach your audience in a different setting. Instagram is a platform for visual inspiration and interest-based relationships. According to Instagram data, users upload about 95 million photos and videos each day, and half of people follow someone who doesn’t follow them back.

• Target fashion and lifestyle keywords and interests as well as competitor brands. Remember that fashion fans will most likely also be into things such as beauty, fitness, and interior design so test out similar interests and optimise towards the best-performing audience.

Ad formats that work for the fashion crowd on Instagram

• Use carousel ads to showcase several products from your range, allowing users to browse through the ad as if it was a catalogue.

• Test product shots as well as a storytelling approach, where you portray your products in a live setting using lifestyle imagery.

• Test using single product shots in link ads to drive site traffic and measure the success of these compared to carousel ads.

• Use video to draw attention to your ads – a great amount of video is consumed on social media, making the format an engaging and easy way to catch fashionistas’ attention. In creative terms, ensure that video is captivating and relevant for the audience.

Optimise placement across Facebook and Instagram

• Run campaigns across Facebook and Instagram seamlessly, without having to use custom creative. This allows advertisers to reach more people at lower costs with the same budget.

• On average, running campaigns across Instagram and Facebook provides 4.1% higher reach and a 10-25% lower cost per lift than running ads on Facebook alone, according to Instagram.

Driving conversion

Given that one third of Instagram users have purchased clothing after seeing it on the platform, how can brands best drive customers through the conversion funnel?

• Make sure to utilise the different offerings to lead users through the purchase journey from awareness to conversion. Invest in reach bursts to familiarise your target audience with your brand (video ads and photo ads are great for generating awareness).

• Follow up with traffic-driving activity (carousel and link ads) to showcase the different products and drive users to your landing page where they can make the purchase.

• Utilise CRM and pixel data to retarget users

  • who have already bought
  • lapsed customers and
  • people who have shown purchase intent by visiting your website

• You can also create “lookalikes” on the back of this data and reach users similar to your existing customers.

A highly visual platform, Instagram enables fashion brands to not only showcase selected products but also promote an entire lifestyle, which can ultimately lead to sales.

As social platforms become an increasingly integrated part of everyday lives, strategically tapping into the growing, and highly engaged, Instagram fashionista network is an opportunity too great to miss.

The original article can be found on Digital Marketing Magazine.