Facebook Marketing Partners: What The New Program Means For You

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Beginning in early 2015, the PMD program will become Facebook Marketing Partners. While this change won’t affect our working relationship in any way, it is helpful to understand what’s changing and why. Here’s a short overview.

Key program updates:

More Clarity. One badge with vetting by specialty, vertical and country will make finding the right partner for your needs easier than ever.
More Choices. The expanded specialties will help marketers find help for a wider variety of goals on Facebook.
More Impact. The new program will also help enable even more new solutions that deliver greater impact on the platform.

Clearer, more flexible badging.

Rather than a selection of 4 badges, the new structure has just one badge that’s supported by 9 specialties as well as Vertical and Country designations. The new specialties will be: Ad Technology, Media Buying, FBX, Community Management, Content Marketing, Small Business Solutions, Audience Onboarding, Audience

Data Providers, Measurement

You might notice that this list introduces specialties not available in the program to date. This broadened scope enables the program to serve a wider range of needs for marketers on the platform. As we mention above, how we work together won’t change. But if you should find that you have additional needs that we don’t currently serve, finding a partner that does offer that capability will be simple.

Some Key Questions Answered

What does this mean for how we work together?
Not a thing. We can keep working together just as before. The new structure doesn’t change the services we offer or the value we bring to you on Facebook. Rather, it more clearly recognizes our core strengths on the platform. Everything we do for you today, we will continue to do for you tomorrow and beyond.

Are they changing the PMD Center?

Yes. The new Marketing Partner Center will offer more information, more resources and a revamped matching tool designed to let you easily find help for more of what you need to do.

Will our specialties or badge change?

Our badge will change to the Facebook Marketing Partner badge, and our specialty/specialties will match our core capabilities. But as we’ve said before, we will continue to work with you as we always have, no matter how names change.

Why are you removing the “s” from sPMD?

With the greater clarity provided by the new program structure, partner capability is directly mapped to marketer needs. As a result, the “strategic” designation is giving way to clearer, more useful signals of marketer/partner fit, and will help drive better
results on Facebook.

For more information, please contact your Adaptly representative.