ICYMI: Facebook Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences and Auto Brands

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This week: An in-depth look at Facebook Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences and auto brands, details on Pinterest’s Pincodes, and a new application for advertisers for Snapchat context cards.

A Guide to Facebook Dynamic Ads: How to Target Broad Audiences | Adaptly

Facebook Dynamic Ads enable brands to advertise products and catalog sets to people across Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network. The ad format serves personalized carousels of photos and videos to users who have previously visited a brand’s site or mobile app. To expand advertisers’ reach beyond just website visitors, Facebook released Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences. This feature allows advertisers to target non-site visitors based on their interests, behaviors, and demographics. Check out Adaptly’s guide to Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences to find out how it works and explore the benefits.

Introducing New Discovery Tools for Auto | Facebook Business

In an effort to make Dynamic Ads useful for as many advertisers as possible, Facebook has released a new Dynamic Ads unit tailored towards the auto industry. Car manufacturers and dealers join retailers and travel brands in being able to upload their product catalog sets to a Dynamic Ads unit dedicated to their specific vertical. The ad format will automatically generate ads that show the most compelling inventory to the right audiences, including make, model, and year. Contact Adaptly to get your auto brand started with Dynamic Ads.

New! Create Offline-to-Online Experiences With Pincodes | Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is helping advertisers bridge the offline and online worlds with a new product: Pincodes. Pincodes function like QR codes and allow users to find items on Pinterest by scanning the Pincode through the Pinterest camera feature. Several brands across multiple verticals are already testing Pincodes to drive in-store shoppers to Pinterest for further ideas and inspiration. Pincodes can link to a board or directly to a brand’s profile to showcase even more inventory.

Advertisers Can Now Add Website Links to Snapchat Lenses and Filters | Adweek

Snapchat is adding website links to sponsored Lens and Filter ad placements. Much like how businesses can use context cards to provide information about tagged locations in Snaps, advertisers will be able to attach context cards that link to a website to their campaigns. This feature will help brands track the actions users take after viewing a sponsored Lens or Filter and allow them to retarget someone who has already seen their Snap Ad.