Adaptly Exceed CPE Goals by 70% for TLC with Pinterest Campaign

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TLC UK & Ireland were keen to promote the upcoming launch of Say Yes to The Dress, with Pinterest standing out as a great way to engage with their target audience. Adaptly and media planning agency The Seven Stars ran a Promoted Pins campaign, with TLC being the first broadcaster to run this type of campaign. Interestingly, 98.7% of all engagements were close-ups, meaning users actually wanted to find out more, with the close-up offering details about the TV show, proving the value of text in creative messaging, while using imagery to draw a user in. Adaptly optimised towards all types of engagement metrics to deliver 70% over Cost-Per-Engagement targets and the earned nature of Pinterest means engagement can continue to grow long after the campaign has ended.

Case Study Content

Last summer, TLC UK & Ireland launched the UK successor of American reality TV show Say Yes to The Dress, chronicling brides-to-be in their quest for the perfect wedding dress. In order to promote the premiere of the UK series, TLC ran a six-week campaign on Pinterest, raising awareness of the show while enticing fans and brides-to-be to engage with the content and ultimately tune-in to the programme. Over the six-week period, TLC’s campaign delivered an overall engagement rate which exceeded benchmarks by 1.13%. Close-ups” accounted for the vast majority – 98.7% – of engagements which, for a TV show, is crucial as it indicates that a large number of users took a closer look at the text overlay featuring important show information such as premiere date, channel, and air time. TLC was the first UK broadcaster to use Pinterest for this type of campaign.

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