ICYMI: Creative Trends In Social Advertising

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This week: Adaptly shares 7 holiday creative trends and weighs in on creative optimization on social and the future of social video. 

7 Creative Trends to Help Your Brand Shine This Holiday Season | Adaptly

The holiday season is just around the corner and advertisers are already gearing up for what is expected to be a $1.3 trillion retail season. While the tried and true holiday creative trends will always endure, this season we are seeing some new trends emerge. Adaptly Content Marketing Director Sarah Maloy shares her top 7 holiday creative trends of 2017, including vertical video, redefining “Christmas colors,” and more.

Driving Paid Social Efficiencies With Top Creative | Adweek

75 percent of a campaign’s brand and ad recall is determined by creative quality, yet platform-specific creative on social is still one of advertisers’ top challenges. Social advertising provides the unique opportunity for brands to analyze and optimize campaigns in real time, allowing them to identify top-performing creative. Personalizing assets by platform and A/B testing make for better creative and more successful ad campaigns. Check out Adaptly’s post in Adweek for more on the importance of real-time optimization on social.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018 | Smart Insights

As advertisers begin to look ahead to 2018, video is still one of the top trends and a continued focus for brands. Adaptly President Sean O’Neal points out that mobile video is the fastest growing ad format in the world, and has been doubling year-over-year. By 2020, video will make up 80% of all online consumer internet traffic. We at Adaptly see vertical video transforming social advertising in particular. Ask us how your brand can make the most of this medium on social.