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VAYA Pharma Drives People to Action through Facebook Ads

VAYA Pharma is committed to bettering lives by merging science and nature through healthcare innovation and products such as Vayarin®, a non-drug, prescription medical food for the dietary management of ADHD in children. For this campaign, the goal was to drive downloads of a consumer targeted info sheet about Vayarin®, and to drive site traffic to the Vayarin® blog, which featured additional original content.

Adaptly worked with VAYA to identify paid social creative assets that performed well in previous campaigns and leveraged similar variations for the two-month long Vayarin® promotion. The team targeted a core audience of Facebook users who were parents and had children with ADHD or were generally interested in the condition, leveraging keyword interest categories. Adaptly incorporated the Facebook Audience network as an additional ad placement to boost scale against a niche targeting group.

VAYA’s promo for Vayarin® was successful due to a combination of leveraging past campaign insights, relevant targeting, optimization strategies, and the Facebook Audience Network, which generated the best cost efficiencies. The campaign sparked a meaningful dialogue about ADHD on Facebook.

“Adaptly enabled us to beat our goal CPLC while keeping our audience informed of the benefits of Vayarin® by driving downloads and site visits.”

— Shervin Esfahani, Marketing Manager, VAYA Pharma





visitors to site


lower Audience Network CPLC than expected