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TV Land Reaches Success with Twitter's Instant Unlock Card

Cable channel TV Land, owned by Viacom, aimed to stand out in the social media space in an innovative way to boost awareness and tune-in for the hit show Younger. Adaptly, in collaboration with Mediahub, recommended using Twitter’s new Instant Unlock Cards, which drive users to retweet relevant hashtags in order to gain access to exclusive content.

The theme of TV Land’s Instant Unlock Card tapped into a key cultural moment, the first U.S. Presidential debate: Twitter users were encouraged to choose which male character from Younger they were rooting for to win the love of the show’s female lead. Ad copy referenced it being the most important debate on television. By tweeting the pre-populated tweet for users, TV Land not only engaged its target audience, but also earned impressions through retweets.

“With Adaptly’s strategic guidance on using Twitter’s Instant Unlock Card, we were able to cut through the clutter in a fresh, new way. We made an impact for Younger with relevant content around one of the biggest events of our time.”

— Kristin Rolla Mirek, SVP TV Land Digital/Social



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