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TV Land Drives Efficiencies by Running Campaign Across Facebook and Instagram

Viacom-owned TV Land aimed to build awareness and drive tune-in for the new comedy show, Teachers.  TV Land planned on running ads solely on Facebook, but Adaptly advised using this opportunity to run the campaign across both Facebook and Instagram to extend the reach and target a highly engaged millennial audience.

The team, in collaboration with MediaHub, developed a strategy around the first three episodes of Teachers, with spend focused on air times and keeping up the momentum of content between episodes. Using creative intended for Facebook, Adaptly efficiently served ads across Facebook and Instagram. A Facebook Brand Effect was conducted to gauge overall campaign performance.

In the end, the advertising strategy proved to be a worthwhile experiment for TV Land’s new program and there was a significant lift in ad recall.

“Adaptly’s recommendation to run ads across Facebook and Instagram allowed us to reach our core audience and drive awareness more efficiently.”

– Kristin Rolla Mirek, VP, Multi-Platform Development & Marketing, TV Land



Increase in reach


Increase in impressions


Decrease in CPM