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Record High Engagement Rates with Twitter’s New Auto-Play Video Product and TAP

To build awareness around the premiere of a new comedy, The Jim Gaffigan Show, and boost awareness and tune-in post-premiere, TV Land served tweets on mobile apps within the Twitter Audience Platform (TAP). Adaptly collaborated with Mediahub to ensure TV Land’s tweets were highly targeted to the show’s core audience and to test images versus autoplay videos in TAP throughout the campaign.

Strong results from the experiment helped optimize TV Land’s strategy after The Jim Gaffigan Show’s debut. Autoplay video tweets were five to seven times more engaging and their CPE/CPV was less than half that of image-based tweets. Therefore, TV Land used solely autoplay video tweets post-premiere. In the end, post-premiere engagement was ten times what TV Land experienced in the past using non-autoplay video and image tweets.

“Twitter has become a major platform for us to drive awareness and tune-in for new TV Land shows. With Adaptly’s help, we were able to drive the highest engagement and view through rates that we’ve seen to date, leveraging a combination of TAP and the newly released Auto-Play video.”
– Kristin Mirek, VP, Multi–Platform Development & Marketing, TV LAND.



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