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Twitter TV Targeting Boosted Engagement

The primary marketing spend for most brands is television. And why not? It has massive reach and its generally high production sight, sound and motion commercials are effective creating consumer interest and ultimately moving product. But what if brands could spend a relatively small amount of money to amplify the impact of those expensive TV ads? This is just starting to happen and the results are pretty amazing. Here is one example from Pepsi’s own Quaker Oats.

To drive increased user engagement and boost sales, Quaker Oats wanted to reach Moms in certain environments like Cooking & Food, Energy, Entertainment, Family, Health, Hobbies, Home, Style, Travel, etc. and then reinforce their TV message via Twitter. Working with Twitter marketing platform partner Adaptly, Quaker Oats used Promoted Tweets targeting users with TV Targeting – using the hashtag #QuakerUp and a variety of messaging to find out which resonated best with TV audiences.

“The campaign was designed to engage with Moms who run out of energy before they run out of time and demonstrate how Quaker can be part of the solution in providing the good energy families want to help them do what matters. Our CPC, CPE and Engagement rate all surpassed industry benchmarks.”

— Alex Holzer, Senior Director of Marketing, Quaker Foods North



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