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Adaptly Helps Retailers Lower Cost Per View with Promoted Video on Pinterest

Three of Adaptly’s biggest retail brands aimed to drive brand awareness and reach new audiences on Pinterest through Promoted Video. Video is well-suited to branding activity early in the retail purchase journey, where it captures attention by showing product attributes in action. By targeting upper-funnel audiences through interests, broad keywords, and site visitor lookalikes, Adaptly’s retail clients were able to grow brand awareness and increase favorability in key product categories. Engaging with Promoted Video drove Pinners to purchase, ultimately resulting in site traffic and online sales increases.

Collectively, all three retailers found that Promoted Video with Autoplay produced high video completion rates and low costs per view based on MRC’s video viewability standard. On average, Promoted Video yielded a video completion rate of 5% and a video view rate (45%) that was higher than Adaptly’s cross-platform benchmark for retail.

Download the full case study for key takeaways from the campaigns.



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