MasterCard / Twitter

How To Pursue Small Efforts For Large Scale

In partnership with Ketchum, we collaborated with MasterCard to develop and execute a social advertising program around Valentine’s Day in Europe. In an effort to create shareable content for the social web, the brand leveraged a variety of Valentine-themed infographics and a Vine that ran on Twitter from February 12-15.

The engagement rate for this campaign was 62.8 percent higher than the engagement rates* of several other highly successful campaigns that ran earlier in the year, with an overall average engagement rate* of 6.15 percent.

While these campaigns aren’t isolated efforts, the results demonstrate how effective campaigning on Twitter around events, holidays, and happenings can truly be. Even more importantly, this Valentine’s Day campaign was only a small piece of a much larger MasterCard strategy, and because of that, the brand has been able to continually unleash the true potential of digital advertising.



Higher ER (Jan vs. Feb)


Engagement rate


Germany engagement rate