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The Secrets Behind Fox’s Social Video Success

Video advertising (including TV) is universally considered to be an effective way to build brands. But combine the impact of sight, sound, and motion of a video with the addressability, measurement, and native formats of platforms like Facebook, and we’ve seen the potential is even greater. In fact, given recent campaign results, we believe it has the potential to be the most powerful brand-building medium yet.

We teamed up with Walker Media to develop a native video campaign focused on driving tune-in for the season finale of Fox’s True Blood TV show. The team maximized Facebook’s reach capabilities with short bursts of high reach activity the day before and day of the finale. As the show aired, using TV Twitter targeting capabilities, Fox then continued the conversations they started on TV with Twitter users that were actively watching True Blood, allowing them to be relevant with marketing messages in real-time.

“Extending our video campaign into Facebook and Twitter enabled us to forge targeted and timely connections with users. The strong campaign performance reflects the excellent context capabilities of Paid Social.”

— Cecilia Beacon, Director of Broadcast & Marketing, FOX



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