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Promoted Tweets That Deliver on Engagement

Domino’s Pizza Group is the world’s leading pizza delivery company. To drive awareness of its latest deals, increase user engagement and boost sales, Domino’s UK wanted to test the effectiveness of Twitter as a platform to reach people gathered around the TV with friends or family on the weekend who are likely to order in.

Working with Twitter marketing platform partner Adaptly, Domino’s UK used Promoted Tweets targeting users with TV conversation targeting – testing a variety of messaging to find out which resonated best with TV audiences. This included program-specific, brand and offer-led Tweets with jokes and puzzles. It also tested text-led against image-led Promoted Tweets.

The results of the campaign exceeded expectations and achieved Domino’s UK’s engagement goals. #BigNightIn recorded a strong average engagement rate of 5.2% and a low CPE of £0.21. Several Promoted Tweets saw engagement rates of more than 20%, peaking at 23%: an all-time high for Domino’s UK.

“We hadn’t previously invested that much in any of Twitter’s advertising formats, now it’s a core part of our always-on digital media strategy. We found that Twitter influenced more sales than we had previously thought and in some cases it had a halo effect of 100%.”

– Rupal Patel, Digital Campaign Manager, Domino’s Pizza Group



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