Adaptly Speaking at Advertising Week Europe with Facebook and Clarins

Reading Time: 1 Minute

We’re excited to participate in Advertising Week Europe in London next week. Our VP of Revenue Tim Page will be hosting a session on Monday, April 18th at 12:30 PM with Ed Couchman, Head of Agency Relations at Facebook, and Deborah Holloway, Social Media Manager at Clarins. They will discuss the relationship between Facebook and Instagram in marketing campaigns, namely how advertisers can leverage the strengths of both platforms to deliver impactful business results.


One out of every four minutes spent on a mobile device in the UK is on Facebook or Instagram. By advertising across both social networks and tapping into their combined audience, advertisers have the ability to reach more of their customers where they’re most engaged. Brands can use key aspects of each platform–Facebook’s wide reach and Instagram’s active and creative millennial audience–to optimize inventory across channels and boost efficiencies.

Attendees will leave the discussion with insight into how advertising across Facebook and Instagram in tandem yields unprecedented success in cross-channel marketing strategies. Join us!