Adaptly Recognized in the Social Buzz Awards for Campaigns with KFC, Blue 449, MasterCard & Ketchum

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I’m proud to announce that we’ve been named a finalist in the Social Buzz Awards! The competition, held by The Drum in association with iomart, rewards companies and individuals leading the way in the social media industry in the UK. This is an exciting achievement we get to share with our clients and partner agencies who made it all possible: KFC and Blue 449, as well as MasterCard and Ketchum. The Social Buzz Awards received almost 400 entries, and two of our campaigns made it to the shortlist: #50YearsOfKFC in the ‘Best User-Generated Content’ and ‘Best Use of Social Media Advertising’ categories, and #OhMyGift for ‘Best Financial Sector Social Media Strategy.’

Fans Celebrate #50YearsOfKFC

To commemorate its 50th anniversary in the UK, KFC wanted to use Facebook and Twitter to reach and engage its core demographic through video content. The #50YearsOfKFC campaign focused on the winners of a contest to see “Who would go the furthest to celebrate KFC’s 50th anniversary?” A fun, light-hearted 49-second video highlighted each winner, which included a couple married in a KFC, a man dressed as a chicken who bungee-jumped backwards wearing a blindfold, and more.

Blue 449 used Adaptly’s technology and expertise to launch #50YearsOfKFC. “The collaboration between Blue 449 and Adaptly ensured that this campaign was deployed successfully and at scale across channels,” says  Jenny Packwood, Head of Digital, PR & Brand Communications at KFC KFC. In the end, the campaign reached 9.7+ million users and there were 162k engagements on Facebook and Twitter.

Tim Page, Adaptly’s VP of Revenue, says: “It’s rewarding working with KFC because they’re always receptive to new strategies and ideas put forward by Adaptly and agency Blue 449. The ’50th Anniversary’ campaign was particularly rewarding because we were able to deploy a creative strategy across two social platforms, leveraging the native potential of the environments. The campaign adoption by consumers created some brilliant user-generated content that exceeded all expectations and this was key in driving performance.”

MasterCards’ #OhMyGift Valentine’s Day Campaign

In conjunction with Ketchum, Adaptly collaborated with MasterCard to generate awareness and engagement around thoughtful spending for Valentine’s Day in Europe. MasterCard created 20 pieces of Valentine-themed content like infographics and a Vine that could be easily shared. The #OhMyGift campaign, which ran on Twitter between February 12 and 15, showed that tapping into conversations before and after a holiday (not just on the day itself) can be very effective: the UK engagement rate was 8.81% and in Germany, it was 7.25%. Ultimately, engagement was 62.8% higher in February compared to January.

Milana Saric, Client Strategy Manager at Adaptly, worked on the campaign: ”Breaking through the noise on Twitter and getting users to engage with your content can be challenging especially around popular events like Valentine’s Day, when advertisers flock on social media to capitalise on the buzz. With Ketchum’s ability to produce captivating creative and our strategic approach to targeting and optimization, we were able to tap into conversations as they were happening and achieve great engagement within our core audience.”

Winners of the Social Buzz Awards will be announced in just a week on November 25th in London. The countdown begins!