Adaptly Bridges the Gap Between Media & Creative With 13x Higher Returns for Soma

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

As video gained popularity on Facebook, many advertisers took a simplistic approach and published their existing 30-second TV spots to the platform. Engagement increased, because consumers preferred video over static imagery, and advertisers reaped the rewards without thinking about what their next step would be.

Over time, sophisticated advertisers began to realize that users view video differently on Facebook. User viewing behavior is more focused, deliberate, and shorter on Facebook, and reusing 30-second TV commercials doesn’t provide the best outcomes. Even when users watched less than 3 seconds of an ad, a Nielsen study found a 47% lift in ad recall, 32% in brand awareness, and 44% in purchase intent. This led advertisers to include a strong brand presence early in their videos. Using all of these insights, Adaptly partnered with Soma for a creative-focused campaign on Facebook.

Adaptly has traditionally worked with Soma in a media capacity, but we saw an opportunity to increase performance by adapting their creative assets to fit user behavior on Facebook. Our new Creative Lab offering optimizes existing creative assets into native ad units designed to drive performance on each platform. Using Creative Lab, we developed two optimized videos for Soma from a single 30-second TV spot. Each video told a different brand story to focus on different aspects of Soma’s product line.

Video 1: 
The “Problem/Solution” story discusses
the issue and presents Soma’s products as the solution.

Video 2: 
The “Benefits” story speaks directly to the features
of Soma’s products and the benefits they provide.

The optimized creative assets – averaging 8 seconds each – delivered a 13x higher return on ad spend (ROAS) over the original 30-second TV spot they were developed from. Traditional creative assets typically experience performance fatigue over time, however Adaptly’s socially optimized video assets proved resistant to such fatigue.

Powerful creative is one of the top factors for in-market success, driving up to 80% of an ad’s effectiveness for traditional TV and 89% for digital advertising. By bringing both creative and media capabilities under one roof, Adaptly is making paid social advertising more effective. Such expertise is vital for brands to develop creative that aligns with platform user behavior and delivers improved performance.

If you’re interested in learning what Adaptly’s Creative Lab can do for your brand’s media placement, strategy, and creative development, contact us at [email protected].