Adaptly Increases Ad Recall and Awareness for Currys PC World on Facebook

Reading Time: 1 Minute

Adaptly, in partnership with Dixons Carphone and Blue 449, recently tested the effectiveness of creative adaptations for the Currys PC World brand, resulting in increased ad recall and top-of-mind awareness.

Currys PC World had a series of 30-second videos that needed to be optimised for social without losing the humorous feel of the originals. Creative Lab, Adaptly’s new offering that optimises existing creative assets into native ad units designed to drive performance on each platform, reduced the length of each video while keeping the story and laughs intact.

Brand lift studies work across Facebook and Instagram to accurately measure awareness, impact, and ad recall – the metrics that ultimately help businesses reach their objectives. For this campaign, the Currys PC World audience was divided into two groups: people who saw Adaptly’s socially optimised ads and those who were presented with the original, unedited videos. Both groups were then presented with a poll that focused on awareness, impact, and ad recall.

The results were clear – Adaptly’s optimised creative drove a 7-point lift in ad recall and raised top-of-mind awareness by 3 points when compared to the original videos on social.

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