Adaptly (Happy B’day!) On Autonomous Platforms, Pinterest & Facebook And Instagram

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Adaptly, a company on the front lines of autonomous marketing platforms, is celebrating its 6th birthday. In just six years, the company’s headcount has grown from 10 in 2010 to over 100 today. And the number of brands for which Adaptly has run social media campaigns increased from 18 in 2010 to 220 in 2015, with the latest brands including Sears Holdings, NASDAQ, and KFC, as well as Publicis agency SapientNitro which selected Adaptly as a strategic partner. The company is also hosting two interesting sessions at Social Media Week.

According to Nikhil Sethi, Co-Founder & CEO, and Garrett Ullom, Co-Founder & CTO, the era of commodity media – where brands could only advertise across websites which conform to standardized ad formats – is coming to an end. There is a new breed of digital marketing platforms that is creating unique experiences where both brands and consumers have an opportunity to invent, create, and connect. These are autonomous marketing platforms – independent, non-conforming, personal.

What are Autonomous Platforms?

* Autonomous platforms have technology at their core. They have the ability to build distributed and scaled systems with an independent vision. They innovate. Quickly.

* Autonomous platforms know their audience. They appreciate how, when, and where their users are interacting with them and support completely personalized experiences based on who those users are.

* Autonomous platforms represent a massive and growing percentage of time spent on the internet, across every device. Yet, as autonomous platforms flourish, the increased fragmentation results in more complexity for marketers.

“We believe autonomous marketing platforms are better for both consumers and advertisers. We believe they have the potential to be the most effective brand marketing channels yet. The ability to be more relevant through identity and social context combined with native advertising formats delivers more consumer value. This creates greater connections for advertisers, and success for our advertisers leads to success for us,” say Sethi and Ullom.

Adaptly Hosting Two Social Media Week Programs

Thursday, Feb 25th, at 10:30am (TimesCenter, FWD Stage, 242 W 41st St.)– Pinterest: From Inspiration to Conversion.

Adaptly President Sean O’Neal along with Michael Akkerman, Head of Marketing Developer Partnerships at Pinterest, and Brian Magida, Director of Digital Marketing at Warby Parker will explore the future of e-commerce on Pinterest, which is the second-largest source of social media traffic for e-commerce companies. The highly-visual platform is ideal for retail marketers to achieve scale and relevancy through granular targeting like specific product categories and competitors.

Pinterest is well-known as a center of discovery for brands, as Pinners search for inspiration and plan purchases. However, speakers will outline how companies can use Pinterest to close the gap between brand and direct response campaigns and usher in the future of e-commerce.

Thursday, Feb 25th, at 1pm, SVA Theatre,EDU Stage, 333 W 23rd St (btwn 8th and 9th Aves.)– Friends, Not Frenemies: Facebook and Instagram.

Ruth Arber, Director of Solutions at Adaptly will discuss how Facebook and Instagram complement each other in media campaigns with: Josh Machiz, Director of Integrated Marketing,Nasdaq; Kristin Rolla Mirek VP, Multi-Platform Development & Marketing, TV Land at Viacom; and Jessica Sherrets Brand Development Lead, Instagram.

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