Adaptly founders Nikhil Sethi and Garrett Ullom named to Forbes “30 under 30”

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The New York tech scene is filled with young talent.

We rounded up some of the most promising up-and-comers in the industry.

They’re leading investments, heading up business development, and running the show at awesome NY tech companies.

These are the people to watch.

Nikhil Sethi and Garrett Ulloa are the co-founders of Adaptly. In its first year, Adaptly generated ~ $10 million.

Age: 24 and 23 respectively

What they’ve done: Within its first year, Sethi and Ullom’s startup Adaptly was on track to generate $10 million annually. The social media advertising network works with companies like Wildfire and Kraft.

This year, the pair raised $10.5 million and Sethi became the youngest advisory board member of the NUvention Web, an entrepreneurship program at Northwestern.

The original article can be found on Business Insider.