Adaptly Delivers Top Results in Facebook Creative Test for AfriKids

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Adaptly recently participated in a creative performance test for AfriKids, a UK-based non-profit organisation, delivering the best performance with lifts across video view, page land, and engagement metrics.

The organisation approached Facebook’s Creative Shop, looking for partners to help them raise awareness of their fundraising and volunteering opportunities on Facebook. With Creative Lab, Adaptly’s new offering that optimises existing creative assets into native ad units designed for each platform, we were able to deliver an effective, cost-efficient approach for scaling creative to drive donor and volunteer action.

“Adaptly’s Creative Lab delivered the strongest and most consistent creative
for our brand, outperforming other participants while aligning with our
‘Say No to Pity’ policy and positive messaging.”
–Isla Pullinger, Fundraising and Communications Officer at AfriKids

Supplied with a large library of photography, our team developed a series of interchangeable “motion photos” to use in a series of short-form videos. The three videos were designed to help viewers make a more personal and positive connection with the children who benefit from the medical, educational, and protective services that AfriKids provides in Ghana.

The three 15-second videos were optimised for Facebook’s news feed, and each followed a theme – donation, educational services, volunteering. They were tested against one another and against campaigns by two other creative Facebook Marketing Partners.

The videos drove a 400% lift in page lands, a 38% lift in video views, and a 79% lift in engagement compared to the next best participant, making Adaptly the winner of the performance test by AfriKids and Facebook’s Creative Shop.

“Based on the client’s content pool, we worked with Adaptly to create a unique
idea with clear messaging that would enable AfriKids to communicate sustainably long-term. The collaboration with Adaptly showed that it does not have to be expensive nor complicated to create highly emotional, ownable, and efficient assets for communication on Facebook and Instagram.”
–Christina Keller, Regional Head of Creative Shop at Facebook

If you’re interested in learning what Adaptly’s Creative Lab can do for your brand’s media placement, strategy, and creative development, contact us at [email protected].