ICYMI: How Marketers Can Ace Wimbledon, Evolving Ad Formats, and More

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This week: How brands can use social advertising to reach Wimbledon fans, summer festival-goers, and sports and fitness enthusiasts. Plus, how partners like Adaptly can help solve for ever-evolving ad formats.

‘Don’t Take Away Our 15s’: Advertisers Scramble to Meet the Platforms’ New Formats | Digiday

Online platforms are constantly introducing new ad formats, which is a good thing in theory. However, in practice it becomes difficult for advertisers to produce the right assets efficiently. Adaptly’s VP of Accounts, Lisa Cucinotta, notes that it’s hard for brands to shoot a single storyline that is adaptable for a variety of formats and lengths, but expensive to produce individual ads for each platform. Check out the full article for how brands are tackling this challenge and what partners like Adaptly are doing to help.

Why It’s Not Too Late for Brands to Ace Wimbledon | Adaptly

Wimbledon may be wrapping up this weekend, but there is still plenty of time for brands to capitalize on the excitement of the finals with social advertising. The tournament’s global audience is massive, and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat offer unique ad formats and targeting capabilities to help brands reach tennis fans across the world. Adaptly’s Sam Redding, Account Director in EMEA, shares tips from our tennis and golf strategy guide on how to ace the competition before Wimbledon runs its course.

Summer Festivals Present a Marathon of Brand Opportunities | Marketing Gazette

Music festivals have become increasingly social, with brands sponsoring Snapchat Lenses and Geofilters or running contests and promotions on Instagram or Twitter. With such ample opportunities for brands to engage with festival-goers, it is important to strike the right tone and provide value to users. Adaptly’s Milana Saric shares guidelines for how brands can make users’ festival experiences more fun and interactive through social advertising.

8 Ways Sporting Goods Retailers Can Advertise Effectively on Facebook and Instagram | Internet Retailer

Global communities come together on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to discuss common interests and discover new ideas. To reach those highly-engaged communities, brands need to take advantage of the platforms’  unique ad formats. Because sports and fitness communities thrive on both Facebook and Instagram, Adaptly has 8 tips to help sporting goods retailers advertise effectively on each platform.