8 Tips for Instagram Advertising Success

Reading Time: 1 Minute

With over 500 million monthly active accounts, Instagram continues to offer ripe opportunities for advertisers. Sofia Lundberg, Marketing Manager EMEA at Adaptly, shares her best recommendations for maximising marketing campaigns on the platform.

  1. Create imagery that matches the native look and feel of Instagram – i.e. ads that don’t look out of place on the platform and that therefore won’t disrupt the user experience.
  1. Make sure all your destinations are mobile friendly. Instagram is primarily a mobile platform and therefore it is important to not only consider the ad itself but also the journey people take following a click.
  1. Don’t restrict yourself to only one platform when, through a single interface, you can automatically optimise to deliver your ad across both Instagram and Facebook. This offers advertisers improved cost and reach efficiency and greater opportunity to utilise the platform algorithms to achieve campaign objectives.
  1. A sequenced ad approach – delivering various ad creatives in a specific order to each individual person – is an effective way of telling a brand story, as is the Instagram carousel ad format, which enables users to swipe through multiple photos rather than the usual single image.
  1. Don’t limit yourself to one ad creative, but rather create multiple variations changing your CTA, caption and/or image, as this enables you to A/B test different approaches and optimise your campaign towards top performers.
  1. Like Facebook, Instagram offers advertisers the option to include CTA buttons, and as long as they are carefully aligned with the campaign objective, these are effective in gradually bringing your audience through the conversion funnel.
  1. Fewer engaged users are more powerful than a larger unengaged audience. While users initially protested against Instagram’s algorithm revamp, the change actually presents a great opportunity for brands to further refine their content and targeting strategies.
  1. At its core, Instagram is a visual storytelling platform and as such, it is wise to keep your ad copy concise. Consumers in general (and in particular, social media users) have shorter than ever attention spans, so ads need to be snappy and to-the-point in order to be successful.