Is Shorter Sweeter? How 6-Second Videos Drive Performance on Facebook

Reading Time: 1 Minute

In an effort to understand how users’ video viewing habits are changing on mobile, Facebook initiated a Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) Video Innovation Competition. Facebook asked the participating FMPs to uncover best practices around optimal length for mobile video ads. Adaptly participated in the competition with client Champs Sports and media agency PHD.

Comparing 6-second videos to 30-second videos

We worked with Champs Sports to test 30-second and 6-second videos to see which video ad length drove better performance in terms of brand awareness and conversions. In this test, the 6-second videos delivered an 11% increase in estimated ad recall, a 12% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), and a 271% increase in video completion rate. The 6-second videos also resulted in incremental lift across several other key metrics including conversion rate, average purchase value, and clickthrough rate.

The test showed that users are more likely to remember an ad that grabs attention and quickly communicates the message. Average watch time for both the 6-second and 30-second video ads was the same, but ad recall was significantly higher for the 6-second ads. The difference in ad recall underlines the importance of keeping video ads short and communicating key messages in the first few seconds.

“With our consumers’ ever-changing interests and thirst for compelling video content, mobile-first short video ads were very intriguing to leverage. After looking at the positive results, we’re excited that these ads allowed us to break through to our consumer with meaningful placements, to influence their buying decisions in the future.” –Matt McNichol, Director of Social, Champs Sports