ICYMI: 5,000 New Interest Targeting Options on Pinterest & More

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This week: Pinterest releases 5,000 new interest targeting options for advertisers, Adaptly shares tips for why marketers should concentrate on mobile this Black Friday, and Facebook adds retargeting options to its Offline Conversions API.

Introducing the Pinterest Taste Graph and Enhanced Targeting | Pinterest for Business

With over 200 million monthly users saving 100 billion ideas, Pinterest has a wealth of user data. And now, it’s sharing more of that data with advertisers. The platform tracks Pin trends through its Taste Graph, which provides an understanding of a user’s likes and interests based on their Pinterest activity.

Pinterest is now taking the data from the Taste Graph and releasing over 5,000 more interest targeting options for advertisers. Brands will be able to get extremely granular in their targeting to reach specific sets of people, like users interested in Parisian street style or vegetarian barbecue. These targeting options will be available soon through Pinterest Marketing Partners like Adaptly.

Black Friday 2017: Why Mobile Is the Key to Campaign Success | Adaptly

Consumers typically think of Black Friday as a day to head to department stores to shop for highly discounted items. However, in recent years, Black Friday shopping behavior has begun migrating online. Mobile commerce has helped drive the shift towards online shopping, with mobile sales jumping 45% at the end of 2016. This shift towards mobile commerce is why Adaptly is advising marketers to bet big on mobile and social advertising this holiday season. Download our Thanksgiving Weekend strategy guide for tips on how your brand can maximize mobile.

Facebook Rolls Out Online Retargeting Based on Offline Activity | AdExchanger

Retailers are currently able to link offline purchases back to Facebook ad campaigns through Facebook’s Offline Conversions API. Soon, they will also be able to retarget those users after they have made a purchase. Being able to track purchase behavior and retarget customers helps close the loop between Facebook advertising and offline purchase activity. Advertisers will also be able to create lookalike audiences off of the purchase data to reach and convert new customers. For help understanding the benefits of the Offline Conversions API, contact Adaptly for a product overview one sheeter.