4 Principles for a Remarkable Social Video Strategy

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Finding a way to unleash the power of video in social can be essential to your brand’s long-term success – in fact, according to Cisco, social video will account for 69 percent
of consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

However, cracking the code to video success on social networks can be mindboggling: from allocating budgets to measuring results, to finding the right audience on the right platforms. So what might be helpful for you to know before your next campaign? Adaptly has been running video campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands and found that there’s a science to getting it right. To win in one of the most competitive advertising landscapes, here are a few of our sure-fire tips for success.

Apply traditional planning principles

With more than 1.3 billion Facebook and 271 million Twitter users globally, social can deliver as much scale as traditional reach channels. Combined with unparalleled audience insight this provides brands with the unique opportunity to effectively distribute their video content and connect with potential new customers. By planning your social campaigns on reach & frequency (as you would in other channels) this will ensure cost-efficient delivery vs. traditional video channels.

Go native

The ultimate driver of your video advertising should be to deliver the best possible experience to your audience. The new Facebook and Twitter video solutions provide high impact premium video experiences in native environments. As a result, advertisers that use native video formats are seeing campaign performance up to 5X better than many leading VOD channels.

Personalise content

As marketers and advertisers place more and more emphasis on how to engage with their audiences, a one-size-fits-all communication strategy is convenient, but not always effective. Instead of sending out just one video to a broad audience, experiment with bespoke messaging for specific audience groups. Learnings provide scope for future creative and targeting strategies

Tell a story

A brand’s narrative is not limited to 15” or 30” video spots and social video solutions allow for improved storytelling through depth of content and lasting customer experiences. Engaging content and use of sequential messaging delivers best results as we saw with Refinery29, who saw increased efficiency following exposure to brand content. The combination of sight, sound and motion, with the addressability, measurement, and scale of platforms like Facebook and Twitter means potential for social media to be the most powerful brand-building medium yet, delivering as much scale and performance as any other traditional reach channels.