What Will 2018 Bring for Online Video?

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2017 was a banner year for over-the-top video, and digital video in general. Paid OTT “skinny bundles” now have millions of subscribers, new niche entrants made their mark, and advanced video advertising continued to evolve and mature.

But now it’s 2018! Video Insider asked Adaptly CEO and co-founder Nikhil Sethi and other executives in OTT, ad tech, and programming to predict the big stories this year.

Content and Brands Are King

The old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” will continue to ring true in 2018, at least when it comes to content. While consumers have more streaming video choices than ever before, ultimately quality and known quantities will win out.

“We see consumer interest in [OTT offerings from both legacy companies and new entrants] for different reasons,” say Dan Goodman and William H. Masterson III, co-founders of digital entertainment firm Believe Entertainment Group.

“There are legacy partners like People or Sports Illustrated, for example, who will find great interest from consumers because of the trust their brands stand for among their readers and viewers,” they add.

“But other players, like Poker Central’s PokerGo service – the team behind World Series of Poker – are seeing great results because they connect with a passionate, engaged audience and deliver them the best of what they want in the category. There’s great rationale for both, and we expect to see growth in both legacy and new vertically focused entrants in 2018.”

“In 2018 we’ll see the virtualization of television online. A lot of the newest, best content being developed is being distributed exclusively through online streaming,” says Nikhil Sethi, co-founder and CEO of the advertising technology firm Adaptly.

“If the content moves online, all the time spent watching TV programming will move online – and where all the eyeballs go, the ad dollars will follow,” Sethi adds.

“It’s less a function of the user experience and more a function of the actual content. Whoever has the best content will win the advertising budgets. And right now the best content is online, not on TV.”

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