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Remarkability is at the heart of everything we do.

A remarkable experience is the summation of the results we deliver, our customer service, our product and solutions, and the personal relationships we forge. A remarkable experience is compelling. People act on it. People talk about it – literally remark about it. It becomes social. People “share” it, “like” it, “follow” it, and become “friends” with it. A remarkable experience should inspire confidence, respect, and awe.

On the frontlines of autonomous marketing platforms.

The era of commodity media – where brands could only advertise across websites which conform to standardized ad formats – is coming to an end. There is a new breed of digital marketing platforms that is creating unique experiences where both brands and consumers have an opportunity to invent, create, and connect.

These are autonomous marketing platforms – independent, non-conforming, personal.

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  • Autonomous Marketing

Autonomous platforms have technology at their core. They have the ability to build distributed and scaled systems with an independent vision. They innovate. Quickly.

Autonomous platforms know their audience. They appreciate how, when, and where their users are interacting with them and support completely personalized experiences based on who those users are.

Autonomous platforms represent a massive and growing percentage of time spent on the internet, across every device. Yet, as autonomous platforms flourish, the increased fragmentation results in more complexity for marketers.

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  • Coordinatedgem-05-13-2016-02

At Adaptly, our goal is to eliminate the barriers around autonomous platforms and address the challenges that their silos cause, while harnessing the uniqueness of each environment to achieve true potential for brands.

It’s about something bigger.

We believe autonomous marketing platforms are better for both consumers and advertisers. We believe they have the potential to be the most effective brand marketing channels yet. The ability to be more relevant through identity and social context combined with native advertising formats delivers more consumer value. This creates greater connections for advertisers, and success for our advertisers leads to success for us.

It is about something bigger. It is bigger than us. It’s about more than just building a great company. It’s about achieving true potential. For ourselves. For consumers. For our customers.

Meet our Executive Team


Nikhil Sethi

Co-Founder & CEO

Nikhil is a builder, gamer, and animal lover. Nikhil has been honored by Forbes and included on their “30 Under 30: The Brightest Minds Rocking The Marketing World” list as well as AdAge’s “40 Under 40” which honors the innovative, young marketing leaders who have made their mark in the client, agency and media worlds.


Garrett Ullom

Co-Founder & CTO

Garrett designs strategy that weaves through business, technology, and company culture. He has been fusing together innovative approaches for years and is fixed on helping Adaptly achieve its true potential. A champion chess player, Garrett remains undefeated in the Adaptly office. But he is still up-and-coming in company bowling.


Sean O’Neal


Sean lives at the intersection of marketing and business development. He is obsessed with fast-growing technology companies and addicted to the thrill of start-ups. His reading list spans history, business strategy, eastern philosophy, and comic books, and he spends most of his weekends mixing jazz records with red wine.


Matt Depeola

Chief Financial Officer

Matt comes from a mixed background in finance, astrophysics, and male modeling. He arrived at Adaptly from Google, where he spent a little too much time in the micro-kitchens. While there, he worked on the integration of Invite Media into the DoubleClick stack. Away from the office, Matt works on his patience and parenting skills as well as male modeling.


Dan Levin

EVP, Product & Operations

Dan has a long history of building things. Startups. Products. Lego castles. While his career as a Lego Master Builder hasn’t panned out, he takes solace in his plan B, overseeing Adaptly’s Product and Operations teams. When not in the office you’ll find Dan reading, climbing mountains, or searching for the next great IPA.


Charlie Neer

SVP Revenue, North America

Charlie has worked for large and small advertising companies helping them develop and execute successful advertising strategies in markets around the world. He is easily recognized by his unkempt mop and fluctuating facial hair experiments. He is the proud papa of two kids and the proud owner of three full passports. For reasons unknown he also knows all the worlds countries and capitals.


Frank Martin

SVP Revenue, EMEA

Working for traditional media companies and various digital advertising technologies, Frank has developed a comprehensive understanding of marketing and the digital advertising ecosystem. When he’s not leading Adaptly’s international development, Frank will be snowboarding, playing golf or buying vinyl.


Danielle Shamos

VP of Revenue, West Coast

Danielle brings years of digital strategy and management experience across social and search. She enjoys immersing herself in new technology in this fast and ever changing industry. Outside of the office she enjoys travelling to new and undiscovered places as well exploring the nooks of L.A. and crossing restaurants off of Jonathan Gold’s L.A. 101 list. She’s also an avid fitness enthusiast and has recently started designing jewelry.


Tim Page

VP of Revenue, EMEA

Tim has over 12 years digital experience working with many prestigious brands in product development, media planning and ad tech. A lover of outdoor activities, Tim’s latest interest is outdoor swimming where he spends a lot of time shivering in the UK’s ‘far from tropical’ lakes.


Bogdan Sabac

VP of Engineering

Bogdan leads Adaptly’s exceptional engineering team in building and scaling our next generation of world-class ad automation software. He has extensive experience in driving disruptive and innovative solutions across start-ups, high growth and turn-around enterprises. He appreciates good food, engaging conversations and the pleasure of finding things out.